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Our Management Team

Our Project Methodology

CGC, Inc. remains focused and committed to our cooperative team effort philosophy. Our methodology remains forthright...

 On every project large or small each of us at CGC, Inc. will provide each client and all colleagues with the highest quality services in an amicable and cost-effective manner. 

-- Michael N. Schultz, P.E.
   President, CGC, Inc.

  Michael N. Schultz, PE, President

  •  Office Manager
    Madison, Dane County Office

Michael (Mike) Schultz provides more than 30 years of geotechnical engineering experience to our clientle. Mike's expertise is highway engineering, slope stability evaluation, foundation engineering for shallow and deep systems, landfill construction, sports complexes, concrete testing, retaining structures, lakes/retention ponds and earth dams. Mike often supervises or participates in field studies, laboratory testing, analyses and design, report preparation and construction observation.

  Kim J. Lewis, Vice President

  •  Materials Laboratory Manager
    Madison, Dane County Office

Kim has more than 30 years of experience perfecting the art and science of materials laboratory testing and construction inspection. Kim is our resident expert in ASTM and AASHTO procedures. Kim is actively involved with laboratory testing of bituminous and concrete aggregates and mixtures. Kim also gets out of the lab to perform field testing of concrete and steel structures, earthwork testing and concrete or bituminous batch plant inspection operations.

  Eric C. Neuhauser, PE, Secretary/Treasurer

  •  Field Testing Manager
    Madison, Dane County Office

Eric has over 20 years of experience in construction observation and materials laboratory testing. Eric's construction experience includes provisional judgments regarding soil bearing capacity, conducting density tests to evaluate fill and bituminous pavement suitability, preparing concrete cylinders and conducting other types of concrete field tests. Eric has become an expert documenting subsurface soil conditions using methods such as soil borings and auger probes to rock.

  William W. Wuellner, PE, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

  •  Engineering Departments Manager
    Madison, Dane County Office

William (Bill) has over 35 years experience in analyzing subsurface conditions and their effect on construction site development. Bill has successfully managed teams at hundreds of construction sites conducting engineering and foundation testing for offices as well as commercial, institutional and retail buildings. Bill's client-focused work experience includes temporary and permanent earth retention systems, parking lots, roadway and airport pavements, storage lagoons, water towers and ground reservoirs, landfills and earth sheltered structures.

  James R. Grender, PE, WisDOT Program Manager

  •  WisDOT Program Manager
    Madison, Dane County Office

James (Jim) has managed our company's WisDOT Program since 1996. Jim generally functions as a Field Project Engineer on numerous road and highway projects throughout all of Wisconsin. Jim's experience with project scheduling, contract negotiations, construction documentation, surveying, budget management, proposal development and report preparation